Stealing From Giants

Dear readers who are not there,

I trust that this void I’ve been screaming into will not be a void in the future. Do you trust me?

I didn’t know how I was going to use this platform when I first put it up and I still don’t. You’ve seen art and information from Outland–the novel I’m currently shopping–and a bit of poetry so far. Maybe there will be something else here in the future. Maybe there will be more of the same. To steal from that giant I mentioned earlier, this is not a blog. And for many of the same reasons the giant gave. So instead of rehashing it all, why not just read it in his own words.

I’ll be out here furiously editing so don’t expect me to pop in too often too soon, but try to take a peek back when I do. You can even subscribe so you don’t have to come lookin all the time.


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