Last Chance for First Editions

Some of you might already have seen that I tweaked the cover of The Asymptote’s Tail and wrote a new (much better I think) blurb for the back cover of the novel. Well, I plan on putting those changes into effect starting tomorrow after I post the new chapter. This means that your chance to be a super hipster who read my novels before I was even close to cool is coming to an end. If you bought one of the 31 already sold hard copies, thank you, you’re already a hipster, you have nothing to worry about. If not, buy your copy before tomorrow to get a true first edition. [Update: This date has been extended. You now have until next Saturday, August 15, to get first editions. See here for more info.] You never know, maybe I’ll actually hit it big and this will become a huge collectors item one day. Or maybe you’ll just be a hipster who likes reading things that never became “cool”. Either way, this is your last chance to do it. No regrets.

That’s really all for this post. Just fair warning. But here’s also that new cover and blurb in case you wanted to see/read them. Thanks for your time:

Cover of The Asymptote's Tail

Hundreds of years in the future, when 3D printers provide every luxury we could desire, from food to clothing, entertainment, and beyond, when androids perform what little labor is left necessary in the resulting boon, and when we have no more need for cars, taking electric elevators wherever we want to go, whether it be upstairs, across the country, or to another world, humankind will be living in a utopia, right?

Ask Ansel, a resident of Outland 6, the poorest world of Inland. When a “protector”–clad in white plated armor and cargo pants and wearing a screaming facemask that glows neon with every word–allegedly kills her parents, she sets out to find them.

As Ansel’s world intertwines with that of the protectors, her actions set in motion the destruction of the walls of ignorance between all the worlds of Inland, forcing seven people–Ansel, the “protector”, a servant, a black cat, an actor, an assembly line worker, and a scientist, each previously oblivious of the others’ existence–to come to terms with worlds they thought long dead to history or impossible for centuries to come.

The Asymptote’s Tail, an epic dystopian science fiction novel and the first in the four-part Infinite Limits series, tells their story. Are you ready to learn the truth it holds?


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