Murder in “Utopia,,

Who am I today?
Who am I tomorrow, then?
How can I be both?

Murder In Utopia Cover JPEG

What’s up, y’all? Today I’m happy to announce that a novella I’ve been working on for some time now (Murder in “Utopia,,) is up for pre-sale on Amazon, available this coming Sunday, October 4th.

Now, I know, I know. That’s a pretty short pre-sale time limit, but I just wanted to give a little time for everyone to hear the news and put their two dollars in so we can have a big group of them sold all at the same time on release day. That way I’ll get higher up in the Amazon rankings and I’ll be seen by a wider audience.

So please, think about reserving your copy of this absurd first person novella about a priest and a psychiatrist living in utopia who discuss with each other their confessors and patients, a list of people that includes a surprising number of murderers for such a “utopian” society.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day.


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