New Author Bio for Yours Truly

I’m trying to get better at selling myself so maybe I can sell a few more books. Along with that comes a new author biography because my old one was, admittedly, crap. Here that new one is. Let me know what you think. Would you want to buy books from this guy?

Bryan “with a Y” Perkins was born an Air Force brat. It took him a long time travelling through plenty of states, and another country entirely, to make his way down to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he now calls home. From LSU he earned a degree in biology and managed to stay in town long enough after graduating to become heavily involved in Occupy Baton Rouge. He still works tirelessly to end the reign of profits over human needs, but most of that energy is spent in writing revolutionary fiction these days. So sit right down, listen to a story or two, and let’s all figure out how to make the world a better place together.

[Click here to visit Bryan’s Amazon author page.]

Photo Credit: Geoff Badeaux

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