About 0.N Repeating, Book 4 of Infinite Limits


Decades after the events that took place in Dividing by Ø, and despite the Scientist’s every effort to stall construction, the long process of rebuilding the walls between Outlands Five and Six is almost complete. In the meantime, Lord Douglas and his android workforce are locked into a brutal and bloody protracted war against Mr. Walker and his human Luddites.

Jorah Baldwin is now the most viewed actor in all of history; Tillie Manager, true to her name, has become an actual manager; and still, life goes on in Six, the poorest of Outlands, where newcomers Thim and Stevie do everything they can to survive–so far as collecting garbage and eating rats.

0.N is the fourth and final installment in the epic four-part dystopian science fiction series Infinite Limits–which includes The Asymptote’s Tail, An Almost Tangent, and Dividing by Ø. Read on for the conclusion to the stories of Ansel, Haley, Mr. Kitty, and the rest of the citizens of Outland. We do nothing alone.

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