About Dividing by Ø, Book 3 of Infinite Limits


Lord Walker’s no longer Lord and he is not going to stand for it, even if his pneumatic pants try to force him to. No, he was born Lord and he was meant to stay that way until the day he died—which would be never. But by some miracle of luck, Mr.—now Lord—Douglas has stolen his seat at the head of the Fortune Five and now Mr. Walker is forced to do everything in his power to get it back, even if that means making some risky business decisions and negotiating with owners he’d rather never have to speak to in the first place.

In the meantime—and in another world entirely—Ansel has no family left to her. The Scientist offered her brand of help but Ansel knows that the Scientist’s “help” is more trouble than it’s worth. Instead she sets out to do the only sensible thing left in front of her, run away to the wilderness to live her life in peace. In that wilderness, however, she finds something more unsettling than she ever could have imagined facing, even when she lived in the Streets.

Join Mr. Walker and Ansel, Nikola, Laura, Chelsea, Anna, and newcomer Roo, in book three of the Infinite Limits tetralogy which includes The Asymptote’s Tail and An Almost Tangent. Two worlds of Outland have already been reconnected and power structures are shifting in all the rest. Find out where the chips fall as the story continues in this new installment: Dividing by Ø.

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