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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts submit them to us register here to postback to the sex stories - visit xnxx. Com - bookmark xnxx stories - set us as your homepage - submit a text - contact uscopyright 2000-2006 xnxx-pics. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts submit them to us register here to postback to the sex stories - visit xnxx. Com - bookmark xnxx stories - set us as your homepage - submit a text - contact uscopyright 2000-2006 xnxx-pics. Luisa loves horses and men. Warning this story contains group sex. Caveat all characters in the story are at least 18 years of age when anything sexual takes place. Ive known horses all my life. My parents gave me my first horse when i was 16, and i took the best care of that horse in recorded history, im sure. I bonded with the horse, whose name was pepper.

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I loved to ride pepper all over the kentucky countryside around my parents farm. Pepper was a beautiful horse. She was a rich brown color with a white streak down her nose. I named her pepper because she had all of these little black dots on her underbelly. Somehow too the name just fit her remember i was an excited girl of sixteen when i received her as my sweet sixteen gift. I was beyond excitedit got to the point where pepper and i could communicate. She knew my moods, and she would trot, canter, or even gallop accordingly.

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It was as if we communicated telepathically. I would always stroke her neck, fondle her nose, and give her only the best carrots from our own farm and the occasional sugar lump. I rewarded her of course but i did not want to sabotage her health. I got lots of appreciative neighs. Did you know horses can understand some words there was no question pepper understood what i would lovingly whisper to her and she spoke back to me with neighs, whinnies, snorts, and body language. By the time i was 18 i was riding pepper bareback. I still used a bridle, but i preferred to ride her bareback. My father never understood why, but he knew girls always preferred riding horses bareback if they were skilled enough, so he was fine with it. Thats just the way girls are im sure were his thoughts. My mother knew why i loved it.

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Oh yes, she certainly knew. I taught a few of my girlfriends to ride and they would go out with me, but they needed to use both a saddle and a xanax or two to deal with their fears, especially at the beginning. I could not canter nor gallop when riding with my girlfriends, but that was okay because i enjoyed their company, and we would gab constantly. My girlfriends soon learned to follow my example and to wear thin yoga pants with no panties when riding. With our legs spread far apart by the body of the horse, the erogenous benefits were marked. We had fun, and the amount of giggling was extraordinary. My favorite girlfriend to go riding with was cammie.

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She became pretty good on a horse. Nobody could compare to me i guess, but cammie could canter and even gallop and she was as fearless as i was. We had tons of fun together. Shortly after cammie and i both turned 18, during the summer of 2018, post high school and before college, cammie and i were out riding in the deep countryside. I took her to a little pond i knew about and we dismounted, giving pepper and salt salt was the name of the horse cammie always rode.

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He was owned by my parents a little rest and a drink. We sat on the ground by the two horses as we gabbed. Salt was a male horse and he was hung like a horse. Its not surprising, really, since he actually was a horse. Cammie and i were both quite aroused by the stimulation the riding had given to the region between our legs. Maybe salt had smelled our arousal of something but in any event, he had gotten an erection. Were talking a big, big erectionthis was not the first time salt had gotten an erection in my presence. He and pepper had gotten it on a few times. That had been amazing to watch salt though was not interested in pepper just then. No, he was interested in us.

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I stripped off my clothes while cammie just watched. Naked, i went to salt and stood right in front of his nose. I stroked his head lovingly. He nuzzled me with his nose, bending down towards where my smell of sex emanated. I let him of course, standing in front of him with my legs spread apart. I walked over to where his huge cock was, stroking his midsection as i went, mumbling sweet nothings to him. Salt gave a neigh of approval. Pepper was getting a bit agitated. Cammie went over to pepper and calmed her down, whispering to her and stroking her nose lovingly.

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Lets ride the horses with you naked, cammie exclaimed. I dare youi should explain. In my small circle of friends from high school, dares are sacred. As a consequence, we dont give each other dares casually. Towards the end of high school however we were all getting randy in anticipation of college and the liberation it promised from our prudish high school constraints on life. Dares began to get sexual. Andrea once dared me to go without a bra on a school friday. I had to do it of course, and when joanie saws me braless at lunchtime she dared me to flash anthony.

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He was not my taste in boys, so thats why it was a bit of a nasty dare. Anthony never got over the free sight of my boobs. I had let him play with them too for a few minutes behind the band building.

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Anthony had no clue why i was doing this until i told him it was a dare. I saw his erection inside his pants and smiled smugly to myself, but i was surprised to find that i was also aroused.

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