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28 like this story january 29, 2018 leave a commentincest story my neighbors daughter by wayne. My neighbor was a very attractive woman in her mid thirties, she was approximately 57 tall with long brunette hair and big brown eyes that sparkled when she smiled.

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Her bras size was 12 b cup and her panties were a size 10 she mostly wore thongs along with and lace panties and lace push up bras. I knew her sizes because i had been stealing her underwear from the washing line for several years. Her name was melinda and she was a single mother to a very cute young teenager named jordan.

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I had often looked through their bathroom window and had often seen them taking their showers together, jordans body was slim like her mothers and she had small puffy breasts and her pussy was bald and her pussy lips protruded outwards. I had watched melinda shaving her own pussy and then shaved her daughters pussy as they were in the shower together, sometimes i would see jordan playing with her mothers pussy and make her mother scream. As a older teenager i was always horny and jacking off as i thought about my neighbours or as i looked at magazines.

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Everything changed the night i was looking through my neighbors bathroom window at jordan having a shower. I had my pants and underwear around my ankles and i was stroking my hard cock waiting for melinda to join her daughter in the shower. When from around the corner of their house walked melinda wearing a robe, i tried to run away but tripped over and fell because my pants that were around my ankles. What do you think youre doing asked melinda as she stood over me laying on the ground. Im sorry i wont do it again, i told melinda. I wont look through your window. I tell her as i start to get scared. You were jacking off as you looked at jordan werent you melinda asks then before i have time to answer melinda asks me, do you think she is pretty yes i do, i tell melinda. Well you better come inside while i think on what to do with you.

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Please dont tell my mother. Come inside the house, melinda tells me. I stand up and pull my pants and underwear up and follow melinda inside. Sit down there, while i go check on jordan, melinda tells me. When melinda comes back jordan is hiding behind her mother and when melinda turns and brings jordan in front of her i see that she is naked, i gasp and take a deep breath as i look at jordans naked body only two feet away from me. Isnt she adorable melinda asks me. Yes she is very beautiful. Show jordan what you were doing while you were looking at her, melinda tells me. You want me to jack off in front of your daughter i asked with a shock.

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Yes show her or i will call your mother. I stand up and drop my pants and underwear, my cock springs out already hard at seeing jordans naked body up close. Melinda starts explaining what im doing, jordan what he is doing is called jacking off, its like when you play with your pussy and it gives you a funny feeling. Melinda tells her daughter. His cock is hard because he likes seeing you without wearing any clothes.

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Do you like letting him see you without clothes melinda asks. I cant stop myself from cumming and my cock shoots out a string of cum that lands on jordans thigh.

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Melinda tells jordan the white stuff is to make babies, and wipes up some of my cum with her finger and tells jordan to taste it. My cock shoots another string this time it lands on jordans young breasts, when i watch melinda lean down and lick my cum from her daughters breasts. I my cock twitches wildly as i cant believe what im witnessing. When melinda asks her daughter jordan do you wants to touch his cock i closed my eyes and then open them, no im not dreaming this is really happening. I watch as jordan came closer to me and reach out and wrap her fingers around my cocks shaft.

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Jordan move your hand up and down on the cock like this. Melinda tells her daughter as she demonstrates what to do. Jordan begins moving her hand up and down my cock shaft like her has mother showed her, oh fuck, this feels incredible, i dont believe this is happening, im having my cock jacked off by jordan, no one has ever touched my cock like this before, i say to myself. My cock erupts without warning and shoots a string of cum over jordans face, im sorry i didnt mean to do that. I tell jordan and melinda. Mommy did i make the cock do that jordan asks her mother.

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You sure did, you did a wonderful job making the cock shoot its white cream. Melinda tells her daughter jordan.

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Jordan says, mommy some of the white stuff went into my eye. Melinda tells jordan, come over here so i can clean your face. When jordan moves next to her mother, melinda picks jordan up and sits her down on to her lap, she then leans forward and kisses her daughter, then she begins licking up the cum on jordans face, each time she licks up some cum she kisses her daughter and transferring the cum from her mouth to her daughters mouth. Im sit there jacking off, watching what the mother is doing to her daughter. Melinda asks jordan is your pussy tingling i watch as melindas fingers rub over her daughters bald pussy and when melinda starts pushing her finger inside her daughters pussy. I hear jordan moan and say, i like it when you put your finger in my kitty mommy. My cock begins throbbing and twitching as i try to understand what is happening in front of me. When melinda opens her bathrobe and exposes her bare breasts, i think theyre the most beautiful breasts i have ever seen, melindas nipples are sticking out from her dark areolas that sit on top of a firm breast the size of a grapefruit. Jordan cuddles up to her mother and takes a nipple into her mouth and begins sucking her mothers breast as if she is being feed, it looks like the most natural sight except for the mother continuing to finger her daughters pussy. Melinda looks at me and smiles as she watches me jacking off.

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Would you like me to look after your cock for you melinda asks. Melinda lays the now sleeping jordan down on the couch, and moves over in front of me, she wraps her hand around my cock and gives it a squeeze, then she begins pumping my cock slowly, melinda then leans down and kisses the knob of my cock, i gasp for air and begin to moan. When melinda takes my cock into her mouth, i have tears in my eyes, i have never felt this happy before, as she bounces her head up and down on my cock, she continuies pumping my cock. As i feel my balls tighten, my cock starts to blast my cum into melindas mouth. This must be a dream these things dont happen, after melinda swallows my cum, she flicks out her tongue and licks around my cocks knob, then she sits up with her breasts still exposed she says to me did you like me sucking your cockyes it felt wonderful, ive never had my cock sucked before by anyone.

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So i have given you your first blow job thats great. Melinda tells me, then asks me, would you like jordan to give you a blow job too as she looks over at her sleeping daughter. Oh hell yes i would love that.

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Then i ask, why are you doing this to me. Melinda explains how jordan doesnt have a father to teach her about sex, and i really dont know who else to turn too that i could trust and who would keep it a secret. Melinda says to me and asks, have you ever had sex beforei fucked my friends sister one time but it wasnt very good.

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Melinda asks,how would you like me to teach you so you can teach jordan as she opens her bathrobe to reveal her naked body, i gaze at her bald pussy and how it has opened to show off her pinky insides, i dont say anything, im lost for words, i just nod my excitedly head several times. Melinda says, i want you to come over tomorrow when jordan is at school. For now you better get back home before you are missed. Melinda says as she kisses me on my mouth. We can work on your kissing tomorrow. I walk out of her house and head back to my house, when im in my bedroom, i lay there on my bed i think of everything that has happened, then i start thinking about tomorrow as i fall asleep. 28 like this storyfiled under 2018 latest sex stories, 2018 new sex stories, adult sex stories, adult stories, erotic stories, fantasy erotic stories, hot stories, incest sex stories, porn stories, sex stories, sex stories - for adults only, sexy stories, short erotic stories, xxx 2017 adult stories, xxx 2017 sex stories, xxx 2017 short stories, xxx stories tagged with 2018 incest story, 2018 sex story, incest story, incest xxx story, latest incest story, latest sex story, m, my neighbors daughter, my neighbors daughter full, my neighbors daughter incest story, my neighbors daughter sex story, sex story website, wayne. Ker, xxx story my neighbors daughteryour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked incest stories lillian bell.

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A wealthy schoolgirl enjoys a few erotic encounters on her first day back read more. Incest stories my aunt julie. A light snow softly fell from the dark sky, it almost seemed the wind read more. Fantasy sex stories indecent proposal. I own several gentlemens club in dallas, im read more. First time sex stories springtime on the farm. The story is including true story, consensual sex, read more. Incest story growing up polygamy by primo10. All fictional characters participating in sexual read more.

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Adult story virgin on order - by kolt48. Eighteen year old high school girl gets duped by her friend and turned over to read more.

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