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The near-silent pleads for more. As he guides your hips, helps you move them back forth. You hold his hands on your hips. Leaning forward, twisting your fingers in his long hair. Biting your lip to keep from screaming. The heavy breathing whispers is all you hear in the silence. - anonymousmive experienced a lot of shit in my life, its fair to say. Last night, i sat with myself and i was thinking about all of the funny, sadistic and awkard shit ive been through with guys over the past few years. As i was thinking about this, i was looking to watchthe crocodile hunter, because i love that show. Upon looking for a certain episode, my mind went into a train of thought that took me to the time this guy locked me up in his apartment for damn near 24 hours.

Its actually not as bad as it sounds, but trust itdefinitelywasnt all good. So heres the storythis story takes place back in late 2012, i believe sometime in november. I was still working at lucky strike, so i know it was before december. Knowing that i didnt have to work the next day, i convinced a couple of coworkers to come out and have drinks with me in the castro to blow off some steam, because anyone who works in the service industry knows that after youve had a long shift, you need to get the alcohols in you andfast. So, we get to qbar, a favorite watering hole among my group and start drinking among ourselves.

This is the same bar that i met the russian at. Back to the storyso my friends and i are out on the patio drinking, smoking and gossiping about things and a guy comes up to me and asks me for a lighter, at the same time acknowledging my friend ken who was sitting with us. Apparently, they know each other, which isnt uncommon when i go out with my friends.