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Erotica sex story chapter 1 - paul hughes and his family spend their summers at an idyllic nudist camp. The place is full of opportunities, but paul is a typical teenager self-conscious and awkward. Then a storm batters the camp in the summer of 1978, and an older woman changes pauls life forever. Winner of 7 golden clit awards. Caution this erotica sex story contains strong sexual content, including mafa mtft mtfa fafa mult consensual romantic nonconsensual bisexual heterosexual incest mother son swinging first oral sex anal sex masturbation petting exhibitionism voyeurism slow nudismi hung up the receiver and sat in silence for several moments, looking at the note id written on the pad next to the phone. Who was on the phone, honey my wife asked from the door to my office.

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Hmm i shook my head, lost in thought. What did you sayi asked who was on the phone, she said again, indulgently. Seeing the expression on my face, my wife grew concerned. Looking up at her, i drew myself back to the present, shaking my head again to clear my thoughts. Moms fine, i reassured her.

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9 Marzo, 2016

She was calling to tell me that a friend had died. My eyes were drawn back to the notepad and my hastily scrawled note. I thought back to a summer.

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But perhaps not so many, the memories were so fresh and clear. Sensing that i was lost in thought, and knowing she could ask me about it later, my wife quietly shut the door and left me to myself. My story really begins when i was twelve and my family lived in savannah, georgia.

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My father was a pilot for an air charter company, and my mother was what would now be called a stay-at-home mom. The summer after i finished sixth grade, we went on a vacation that would change my life forever. My mother and father had always been very open raising my sister, erin, and me. They didnt flaunt themselves in front of us, but they didnt hide their bodies when wed come into their room, or any other time we might see them without their clothes. My sister and i knew our parents slept in the nude, and theyd sometimes sunbathe nude in our fenced-in back yard. On family vacations, or at my grandparents lake, wed all skinny-dip occasionally. But while nudity wasnt a taboo in our family, there werent any times when we spent a long time in the nude. That summer, our parents asked erin and me what we thought about the family going to a nudist camp for our summer vacation. Mom and dad told us that the camp called simply the pines resort was in south carolina, and was run by a woman named susan. If we decided to go, we were supposed to tell our friends from school that we were going to spend the summer at aunt susans.

She wasnt our real aunt, of course, but it was a useful fiction. Our parents were fairly open with both of us, and we talked about the trip before we made a final decision. My mom and dad certainly seemed enthusiastic, and erin was all in favor of the trip especially when they started telling her about the camp. They told us about the big spring-fed lake, the playground, the games, the sports, and all the other fun things to do there. When they told us that the camp was a family camp, and that there would be other kids our age, that seemed to cinch it for erin. She was two and a half years younger than me, and hadnt entered puberty yet. Of course she would love to go she didnt have an awkward and slightly pudgy body just beginning to sprout all the usual hair. At twelve, my body had just started changing, and the last thing that i wanted to do was take my clothes off for a month at a nudist camp i was embarrassed enough at the changes my body was undergoing i didnt want the added embarrassment of everyone else knowing, too. I sulked, in the self-centered way only a twelve-year-old can, and my parents wisely let me stew about things for a few days.

Erin, on the other hand, constantly wheedled me. She obviously couldnt fathom why i wouldnt jump at the opportunity to go to such a fun place.

A few days later, my mom brought the subject up again, when we were alone in the kitchen. I guess she knew shed have a better chance if erin werent around to pester me. When mom asked why i wasnt enthusiastic about going to the nudist camp, i shrugged and mumbled, i dunno. I was worried about peopleespecially any girls my ageseeing my awkward body, and making me feel embarrassed. But i couldnt tell her that.

Nonetheless, i think she sensed that that was the problem. So she pointed out to me that there would be other boys my age there. Well, you can meet other kids your age and make new friends. I dont want any new friends my age, i said sullenly. Then, i got it i was so worried about girls my age seeing me that i completely overlooked the fact that if girls my age would be at the camp, then i could see them too. I may have been a petulant twelve-year-old, embarrassed by my changing body and being a little on the chubby side, but i wasnt stupid. A nudist camp meant naked teenaged girls and at age twelve, i had discovered that girls werent as bad as id thought only a year before. My younger sister got on my nerves often enough, but older girls. Now, older girls had boobs, and pubic hair, and other things that i knew i liked. But even at twelve, i knew i couldnt cave in as quickly as i wanted at least, not without looking like an idiot.

Yeah, i guess, i said in my best faux-sullen voice. Mom smiled at my change of heart. Id like to say that my life changed dramatically during the summer of 1975, but the truth is much more mundane. The experience opened my eyes quite a bit, and set me on the road to a monumental series of events, but in the summer of 1975 those events were still in my future. Despite my original reluctance, i really liked the camp. It was everything that my parents had promised there were all sorts of things to do there, and enough kids my age that i always had someone to do things with.

Once i got over my initial self-consciousness, i guess i forgot to be embarrassed. And after i got over my first days sunburn having to wear a t-shirt in the lake so i didnt get burned even worse is not my idea of a fun time, i enjoyed our time at the camp. Aunt susan, as it turned out, was about my parents age, and had two sons who were a few years older than me. In addition, there were many other families with kids. Some would stay for a week or two and then leave, some families stayed longer, and still others seemed to spend the entire summer there. I certainly got my fill of looking at tanned and naked teenage girls. When youre around nudity all the time, however, the naughty aspect of it all kinda wears off.

I certainly had to hide my share of painful and unwieldy erections, but i got used to it. And it did provide me with some wonderful fantasy material for masturbating, whenever i could find the time alone which was as often as i could, those first couple of weeks. The four weeks that my family spent at the camp seemed to race by, and it was all too soon that we had to return to the real world in savannah. Every summer after that, we spent several weeks at aunt susans. There was only one hiccup in our family routine over the next few years. In early 1977, my father was hired by a major airline in atlanta, and my family moved. We were further away from the camp, but we stayed a full six weeks during the summer of 77. My father had to return to atlanta a few times, to fly for several days at a time, but erin and i largely enjoyed ourselves.

I could tell that mom missed dad when he had to fly, but at fourteen, noticing things outside your own little world isnt really a common occurrence. The next year, 1978, mom and dad asked us if wed like to spend the entire summer at aunt susans. We could get one of the small cabins for the summer, and whenever dad needed to fly a trip, he could drive into columbia, and then catch a flight to atlanta. Dad told us that hed bid lines which had all their trips jammed into ten or twelve days at a time, and that he should be able to spend more time with us. When he was gone, hed be gone for about two weeks at a time, but hed only have to leave three or four times over the entire summer. We thought it was a great idea, and decided to leave the day after school ended, which coincided with my fifteenth birthday. Happy birthday to me i looked forward to the camp like only a perpetually horny fifteen-year-old could.

By that summer, id survived the awkward phase of puberty. Id had a growth spurt the year before, and i was currently a half-inch over 57. At fifteen, that extra half-inch is important but i was still a little pudgy. Mom and dad both said it was just baby fat a phrase i patently despised and that id grow out of it. Im sure that all sounds very comforting when youre not the one whos pudgy. But while i was no longer incredibly self-conscious about my body, i certainly wasnt all that sure of myself yet. I dont think a self-possessed fifteen-year-old exists.

By then, however, erin had begun to develop. She had smallish breasts and a downy tuft of pubic hair, but she was still boyishly slim. She didnt seem the least bit self-conscious, however much to my consternation.

After all, she had already spent several summers at aunt susans, and she and her friends seemed to take undue enjoyment in comparing their developing bodies. I guess thats just one of the many major differences between men and women.

Even though she was not quite thirteen, i could already see that erin would look a lot like mom. At thirty-six, i had always thought of my mom as old, but i was slowly realizing that she was a very attractive woman. She was attractive in a mom-ish sort of way, that is. And of course, as i write this, older than that age myself, i realize how very young thirty-six actually is. Mom, whose name was beth, had dark blond hair and a well-proportioned, compact body.