The Scientist

The Scientist is the POV character from Outland 4. She invented the technology which the owners use to bend space. She discovered how elevators paired with space bending technology could replace cars. She created the first fully customizable android which was indistinguishable from humans. And each time she did Lord Walker took the invention from her and used it for himself. When the third theft finally broke her the Scientist set to destroying the system which propped Lord Walker up.

She may look a little despondent in this illustration, but that’s because she’s been working for as long as she can remember and there’s no end in sight.

The Scientist

A Protector’s Facemask

The police of Outland call themselves “protectors”. They live in Outland 1 where there are only two paths available in life: become a protector or live in shame as a housekeeper. Protectors wear plated vests that look like armor, and helmets with face masks halfway between screaming and laughing. When a protector talks the helmet modulates their voice and the face mask’s teeth flash electronic yellow, red, and green.

Below is an animation I did of a protector’s face mask as it would look when the protector speaks. It’s my first attempt at animation so it might be a little quick for comfort but I thought I would share anyway.

The mask of a protector.

Ansel Server

Took a little time and did an illustration for Ansel, one of the seven POV characters in Outland. She lives in Outland 6 and she just moved to the Green Belt. Now she’s looking up at the trees wishing she could climb one. After all, they are the first trees she’s ever seen in her life.

This one is closer to how she looks in my mind than Popeye was yesterday. I wonder how much of her look I got across in my writing.

Ansel Server

Popeye the Mechanical Arm

In Outland, the novel I’m currently working on, there is a character named Popeye who happens to be a rather large mechanical arm. Today’s theme on /r/sketchdaily was factories and I took the chance to do a little doodle of Popeye. It didn’t turn out exactly how I see him in my head but I think it looks pretty cool nonetheless–especially the background texture.

Anyway, here it is:



Welcome to my new author website. Please excuse me while I tidy things up here for a bit. In the future I’ll be posting updates on whatever story I’m currently working on, illustrations of scenes, and general gossip about how my writing life is coming. We’ll see where it goes from there.

Thank you.