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12 like this story january 29, 2018 leave a commentadult story my friends daughter holly by wayne. After having fantasies about his friends daughter the fantasies become realfor years ive dreamed of my friends daughter, her father had showed me a lot of photos of his daughter posing for photos, there was also photos of her in the bath and laying naked on her bed, these photos were burned into my mind and my memories.

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Now that his daughter was a sexy teenager, i was always hoping something like this would happen. It was a saturday night, i was at my friends mals house watching the football on tv with him having a few beers together relaxing having a chat with each other about life in general. We were alone except for his teenage daughter holly who was in her room. Our wives robyn and pamela had gone out to a work function and wouldnt be home till late.

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After a few more beers i had to use their toilet and walked down the hallway, as i passed hollys bedroom her door was partly open. I looked in i saw her laying on the bed wearing white lace panties with matching lace bra. I stopped and gazed at her cute slim body she was gorgeous and i felt my cock beginning to get excited. I stood there staring at her without her knowing that i was watching, i knew i shouldnt be looking at my friends daughter, but god she looked so hot i couldnt help myself from staring at her. I was about to move away when i saw her stand up and start to remove her bra.

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My eyes stared at her perky b-cup tits with large nipples. When she moved to another part of her bedroom i couldnt see her anymore and i moved away from the doorway. I continued to their toilet and had my piss i was about to flush the toilet and leave when i saw a small pair of her pink panties on top of the washing basket they had to belong to holly. I picked them up and brought them up to my nose smelling hollys sweet aroma my cock twitched and became hard and harder the more i smelled.

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I sat down on the toilet seat and brought out my cock and began to stroke it as i thought of holly as i held her panties to my nose and smelt them again before wrapping her panties around my cock. Thinking how close my cock was next to the pussy that had been in these panties, i began stroking my cock, it didnt take long before i blew my load into them filling hollys pantie gusset with my cum. Then there was a knock on the door as holly asked.

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Are you nearly finished uncle robertyes im finished. I told holly as i flushed the toilet and shoved her panties inside my pocket and unlocked the door. There standing waiting to come inside was holly standing there topless with just her white lace panties on, my eyes went from her tits to her white lace panties that showed off her bald pussy cameltoe and back up again to her tits as she came inside, i walked out with the sight that i had just seen burned into my memory forever. Back in the lounge my cock started throbbing and begin to get hard again. I sat down trying not to think of what i had just seen so i wouldnt get hard.

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Mexican Stereotypes The Human Breed Blog

Mal had a chuckle and reached out and pulled the pink panties out of my pocket that i had taken. I opened up to him and explained what had happened and how excited she had made me. Yes daddy what do you want she asked her father as she walked into the lounge still topless and still wearing those sexy white lace panties. Uncle robert here has been telling me you got him a bit excited showing off your body to him.

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Sexy Mexican Girl Gets Fucked - Free Porn Sex Videos Xxx

Im sorry uncle robert i didnt mean to excite you too much, were you jerking off in the toilet was that the reason you took so longmal then asked. Why dont you join us and watch some tvi couldnt concentrate on the football that was on the tv. I kept glancing sideways at hollys breasts and at her panties showing off her cameltoe.

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Mal noticed me looking at holly and started to tease me by rubbing his hand up and down her inside thigh just stopping short of her pussy. I was squirming around and couldnt sit still, my cock felt uncomfortable as it strained to get free of my pants, mal whispered something to his daughter and the next thing i saw was her hand inside her panties rubbing her pussy.

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Now i was really excited my cock strained to be let loose it stood up like a flagpole in my pants. Looks like you have excited uncle robert againholly reached over and rubbed my cock thru my pants. Did i cause you to get hard uncle roberti stood up and dropped my pants and sat back down naked from the waist with my cock sticking straight up. Now that feels much better. I told them as they both had a laugh.

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Mal said as he also removed his pants. We both sat there stroking our hard cocks as holly watched us as she fingered her pussy.

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I couldnt resist reaching out and squeezing hollys breast as she sat back into the couch. I pinched her nipple then took it into my mouth to suck it. I stopped sucking only to remove my shirt now i was completely naked. Hollys hand was still rubbing her pussy while her other hand began stroking her fathers cock, i was extremely excited watching her stroke her fathers cock. I got on my knees and moved in front of holly and reached out and held both sides of her panties, as i started to pull them down, holly lifted her arse up just enough for her panties to be removed and once they were off i parted hollys legs and stared at her wonderful looking bald pussy.

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There in front of me was her bald pussy with lips just beginning to open up like a flower petal does. As i rubbed my fingers over her slit i saw the sweet pinky insides of her pussy. As i started to push my finger deep inside her wet cunt she let out a low moan and reached out with her free hand to pull my head closer to her pussy. I removed my finger and replaced it with my mouth placing it over her pussy, i started to probe her slit with my tongue trying to go deeper and each time i ran my tongue over her clit her body shuddered. Mal moved his daughters head towards his cock, holly opened her mouth ready to accept her fathers cock, he pushed it into her waiting mouth. I kept licking her love bud as i watched mals cock get taken deep into hollys mouth until it was all the way in. Then i watched as her head started to bounce up and down on his cock. My fingers started to fuck her cunt at the same pace her head bobbed up and down.

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When i saw holly push her head all the way down on her fathers cock and keep it there, i knew mal was about to cum and shoot his seed into his daughters mouth and down her throat. As soon as i saw holly lift her head of her dads limp cock, i knew it was my turn and i lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and rubbed my cock up and down her slit as i parted her lips i had dreamed of so many times, i pushed my cock into her tight bald cunt she moaned for more, and with a quick thrust my cock was buried deep inside hollys cunt. I pulled out a little then thrust in again, i did this over and over, feeling my cock being milked by her cunt muscles. My balls were ready to explode, i havent had sore balls for years the last time was as a teen. I thrust in and held onto hollys hips as my cock erupted, i felt my cock squirt my cum into her cunt. Then after my last squirt of cum, i pulled my cock out and watched as my cum run out of her cunt. It was now her fathers turn to fuck his daughter.

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Mal lifted her hips up so he could penetrate her deep, his cock went into his daughters cunt easily, her cunt muscles tightened and wrapped around mals cock shaft. It was incredible watching hollys cunt holding tightly onto her dads cock. Mal began to thrust in and out of his daughters tight cunt. Holly was moaning and biting her lip she didnt want to scream but she was cumming and everyone should know. Oh fuck im cumming , im cumming you made me cum daddy. Mal started thrusting harder,each thrust brought him closer to cumming and shooting his load inside his daughters cunt. He started grunted like a wild animal that had caught its prey. He held holly tight onto his cock as he felt it squirting filling his daughters cunt with his seed and when he felt he had nothing more to squirt, mal pulled his cock out and laid beside holly. He then kissed her passionately and squeezed her breasts.

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I was laying back in the couch stroking my cock when i felt hollys hand take over stroking my cock then she replaced her hand with her mouth she began sucking my cock deep into mouth, i felt the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat each time she took it deep into her mouth. I couldnt hold back i was about to cum. My fantasies had come true. Here i was cumming in my friends daughters mouth and she was swallowing it and sucking for more. She only released my cock when there was no more cum for her to have. The three of us sat there looking at the tv. I asked with the biggest smile on my face. I now have a memory thats going to last for life. Dare i dream that this might happen again, fantasies do come true.

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We looked at the clock our wives were due home, holly went to her room and closed her door. Mal and i got dressed then he handed me hollys white pair of panties she had been wearing, now i had two pairs of her panties to take home with me.

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She is a healthy 30 read more. Xxx story two lost souls - by t. After 9 years, pete found himself alone, after his wife left him, only to find read more. True story the nightclub by racergirl14. I watch as another man takes my girlfriend. The nightclub had lively rock read more. She was drawing my attintion. Our mom was so cool, she was the best in read more. True story more fun with family.

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Author anonymous among others. So, for starters, this story is not for everyone.

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Incest stories dirty little voyeur. To start off - this isnt the sort of stuff id usually be read more. First time sex stories my dads ex. There is a second part to this story. Copyright 2019 genesis framework wordpress log inall contents that appear on the site are copyright of their respective owners. Images are for illustration purposes only.

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