A Review of the Asymptote’s Tail as Written by Doug Greene

I received a great review of The Asymptote’s Tail today, and I wanted to share it here so everyone was sure to see it. This one comes from Doug Greene who I am friends with on Facebook but have never met in person. A mutual friend introduced me to Doug as a possible writer for the now defunct Occupy Baton Rouge paper, The People’s Advocate, and I’ve been following his posts about the lectures he gives and essays he writes on Marxism ever since. Here’s what he had to say about the novel (and a link to the review on Amazon):

One of my facebook friends, Bryan Perkins, was kind enough to send me a copy of his new science fiction novel “The Asymptote’s Tail” for review recently. I finished late last night and I wanted to share a few thoughts on the book.

“The Asymptote’s Tail” is the first of a planned four books in the Infinite Limits series. The story takes place in the future when humanity seemingly can provide for its needs through 3D printers and is able to bend the very fabric of space itself. In this future, space is bent in such a way that seven worlds exist, most of them ignorant of each other. The perspectives and interactions of those worlds are told through seven characters: a servant, a young girl, an actor, a cat (yes a cat), a police officer, an assembly line worker and a scientist.

The work is successfully able to mix life-like characters, storytelling and radical politics in a manner that is not dogmatic or stale. The fictional world, its politics, and class structure is developed throughout the work. Those of you who love fantasy world building such as found in Game of Thrones will be intrigued.

The themes of the book raise a number of questions that are very contemporary. What happens when humanity’s productive powers have gotten out of control of their makers? What is a “good cop” to do in a system that values property more than human lives? What can those with “privilege” do in the struggle for a better world – are we bought off? And what do we do when we can pierce through the veils that prevent us from seeing how the system operates? What choices then confront us?

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot here, since I would recommend that everyone pick up a copy of “The Asymptote’s Tail.” This is the first novel by Perkins and it shows a great deal of promise for what proves to be not only a really great story thus far, but shot through with radical politics. For science fiction fans, here is a new author to engage with. Although even if you are not politically radical at all or even interested in science fiction, it is worth reading just for the story and the characters.

I, for one, look forward to the sequels.

Thanks again Bryan for letting me read a copy.

If it sounds like something you might want to read, order a copy on Amazon here. And for more reviews of The Asymptote’s Tail, click here.