The Swampflix Podcast: Top Ten Time Travel Movies (With Guest Star Me)

Hello, dear readers. Posting this one off the normal schedule because just last weekend I took part in another episode of the movie review podcast put on by my friends at the Swampflix blog.

This week the three of us got together and ranked our top ten favorite movies featuring time travel then put the lists together and discussed our collective top ten. Skip to about the thirty minute mark for time travel discussion if your not interested in the French-Canadian “extremist” horror movie Martyrs discussed by James and Brandon in the first part of the show.

Here’s the link to the episode, y’all. Enjoy now, you hear.

Episode #10 of The Swampflix Podcast: Top Ten Time Travel Movies & Martyrs (2008)

And here’s a link to the previous episode I was featured in about movies featuring Artificial Intelligences, for the interested.


Pitch Your Favorite Novel

Someone on /r/writing yesterday posted a nice discussion thread by the title of Exercise: How would you have pitched your favourite novel if you were the author? and I thought it was a great idea. About 20 redditors enjoyed the query I posted enough to be signed in at the same time they pressed the upvote button, so I thought I’d share it here, too, and maybe 20 wordpressers will enjoy it enough to be signed in at the same time y’all press the like button. Here it is, and don’t forget to click through the link above to see some of the other redditors’ pitches for their favorite novels:

Dear Editor/Agent Person,

After surviving the bombing of Dresden in World War II, Billy Pilgrim becomes unstuck in time. As he uncontrollably slips between then and now, he must deal with the war, everyday family life, and even an abduction by aliens who can see all times at once.

I survived the bombing of Dresden in an underground slaughterhouse meat locker which the Germans were using as an ad hoc detention facility, and I believe my experiences have added a nice bit of realism to such an outlandish piece.

The first twenty pages of the manuscript are attached as requested in your submission guidelines. Thank you for taking the time to consider my query.


Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Now how would you pitch your favorite novel?